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The CBI Group is a company of companies. Formed in 1999 as a community service organization, we have provided training to church audio technicians and counseling to young aspiring gospel artists. It has since grown substantially to include multiple divisions spread across three states. Although its core business is now a for-profit operation, its focus on the aspiring gospel artist and church audio ministries has not changed. Today, CBI has six divisions: Audio Training, A&R, Recording, Music, IT, and Graphics. Each division is directly linked to a company either solely or partially owned by CBI. This allows CBI to more accurately ensure continuity of support and quality of service.


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The business offers marketing and design services including graphic design and web design. The also are a publishing agent.I will include the cover of a book they have brokered in the folder on the server. The also are a publishing agent.


The manage artists and own a recording studio. I will include CD covers for two or three of their artists in the folder. Please also use a good picture of studio recording equipment such as high quality recording microphones or a rack of audio equipment.




They also design and setup audio systems for businesses and churches. They can balance and wire all speakers and boards. They also provide training in audio system operation. They also offer some computer networking services I believe.

They also offer some computer networking services.