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Gale Walker

Gale Walker is a native of Newport News, Virginia. She is a uniquely gifted and talented prophetic psalmist who creates an atmosphere for worshipers by singing to the heart of God. She began at a very young age ministering in song at various churches throughout the Hampton Roads Area of Virginia. She was known as the "little girl with the big voice".

She is an anointed vessel that has truly been touched by the hand of God. In 1995, Gale had a stroke and lost mobility on her right side. According to the doctor’s report she would not be able to sing, or walk normal again. But God… He healed her body and the doctor’s could only believe what they saw, that this was truly a miracle. Every time Gale ministers in song she sings with power and lets you know that God is able.

Gale has served as the Minister of Worship for the past 10 years at Living Waters Christian Fellowship, Newport News, Virginia, under the leadership of Bishop Steven W. Banks. Also, she served on staff as a Staff Elder and Administrative Assistant.

She recorded her first live recording "Rejoice" in June, 2007. The CD was released in May, 2008.

May 2008: Rejoice
Visit her on line: Click Here
Gary Gray

Dec 2008: "Prophetic Piano"

Gods Qualified
2008: "Introducing GQ"

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